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         Northmoor Poms....A Range of Colors!

At Northmoor Poms, we've been raising healthy and happy Pomeranians since 1997. We've chosen to remain a small hobby kennel, so our dogs can live in our home and be obscenely doted upon. Each Northmoor Poms dog has been carefully selected to ensure good health above all. All of our breeding and show dogs have been health tested including OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified for their knees and hearts, also CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) certified for their eyes. These tests help us ensure we are breeding the healthiest dogs we can. Additionally, we have begun to voluntarily DNA test our boys. Voluntary DNA testing for our girls will begin as time and money permits. AKC does not require dogs be DNA certified except in a case where the stud dog is used for more then 3 litters in a year or 7 litters in a lifetime. However, we feel this is yet another level of safety for our fur kids. Should they become lost or stolen we will have DNA proof that the dog does indeed belong to us.

Although conformation showing is our primary focus at the moment, Northmoor Poms also excel at agility, therapy work, and obedience. Please check out our show and agility pages to see our current stars.

For information about Northmoor Poms puppies or rescues, please see our available page.

From time to time, we receive news and stories about Northmoor Poms living with their new families. We hope you'll take a moment to enjoy some of our success stories on Spotlight.

Please note that the pets featured on the Northmoor Poms site are not for sale or adoption unless specified. While these much loved members of our family may not be in the show ring or whelping box, we are exceedingly fond of them and will continue to display photos on our site.