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Be sure to check out our Show Time page for the latest Northmoor Poms show news!

Northmoor pups seem to excel at agility whether they are 3.5 pounds or 7 pounds.

Tribble, AKA Riverstone's Live Wire, was bred by Northmoor and owned by Trish Whitley of Riverstone. For updates of Tribble's amazing talents check out her spotlight page: Tribble Sadly, Tribble has now retired from agility earning her MX ad MXJ titles.

Another star for Northmoor is Chip who also resides with and is co-owned with Trish Whitley. You can see updates of Chip's agility feats on his webpage Chip

More agility pictures

Go Maddy!!!
Northmoor Amadeus Matthew
Photo by Karen Hacker

All Northmoor adults are training in obedience as a general rule but they do not compete YET. We pride ourselves on well rounded dogs who can achieve much more than being a lap dog. Our bred by Sophie is now training for obedience and we hope to be competing this year!


Agility Pictures
At just 12 weeks, sisters Sophie and Gracie couldn't wait to try out the agility course.


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Tribble with Trish Whitley at Riverstone Ranch.

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