Skeeter is a beautiful blue brindle boy who now lives in New Mexico with his wonderful family, the Wilsons. Skeeter's litter was the last litter from his parents. The wonderful temperment of his parents obviously has come down the line. The following are updates on Skeeter:

3-19--Skeeter is doing great!! He has already pretty much taken over our home, and he has definitely taken over all of our hearts. He is absolutely perfect!! Thank you so much for everything. We all just adore Skeeter, and I think he may be the cutest dog that I've ever had. He and the cats are working it out slowly, and he seems to have a very healthy respect for them. They are all considerably bigger than he is.

3-21-07--Just wanted to give you a quick update on Skeeter. He's doing really well! He has adapted as though he's always lived here. Yesterday was his first adventure out with us in the car. We went to my office, and he got to meet three very large dogs, one medium sized dog and two new cats. He had a ball!! All of the other dogs treated him very gently, and they thought he was just dandy. The two cats, who are much more accustomed to dogs than my three, just let him sniff and lick them all he wanted. He was in Heaven. Later we took him to PetSmart and got all kinds of toys and goodies. He had a great day, but was totally wiped out by nightfall. He slept very well last night. . . I can't tell you enough how happy we all are to have Skeeter as part of our family. He is a true joy and a blessing. And he is just the happiest little guy. I think he's pleased too!!

4-22-07--Skeeter is without a doubt the sweetest dog I have ever known. He has never met a stranger. He loves every living being that he encounters. He is absolutely shocked if some human or animal is not interested in him. He totally cannot understand that at all. . .He is as smart as a whip and understand exactly what he wants to understand and what he feels he needs to understand at any given moment. He his extremely well behaved. This little guy is the most perfect dog I've ever known. We all just adore him; and everyone who meets him just adores him. Thank you over and over again for him. We love him to pieces, and I'm pretty sure he feels the same; so I think everyone is happy. This was a match made in Heaven! You should see him wiggle when I get home from work. I actually take him with me sometimes, and I work from home sometimes; so I'm fortunate to get to spend a lot of time with him. He is really never alone.

Skeeter and his brothers.
Skeeter with his Dad Skeeter with his Mom On the run

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