Northmoor Ca-Puchi-No "Puchi"

Puchi is owned by the Bales family. His parents are the wonderful Halo and Bruin.

Tales from Puchi Land:

Puchi and the cat have declared a truce of sorts. She lies in the middle of the floor and waits for him to come over so she can hiss and swat at him. He thinks it is a great game and likes to run circles around her.

Puchi has learned how to climb the stairs, but can't get back down. We hear this little whimper from the landing and have to go rescue him.

Thank you to the Bales family for the updates. Little Puchi is a charachter!

Puchi and his siblings

Puchi and his brother Ron

Perhaps more toys??

Being a puppy is exhasuting!

Again, I will be needing more toys!

Growing up...

I am becoming a Supermodel!!!

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