"Hello. Kaesin is doing wonderfully!!! We love having him. He is sleeping through the night now except when he needs to go out. The vet said he is completely healthy!!! Dakota and him play all the time but Dakota is starting to get a little jealous even if one of us is holding each one. He takes his jealousy out on us and not on the puppy however. He thinks Kaesin is the greatest thing!! Kaesin has also learned to use the doggie door and loves it. He kept going in and out in and out, all morning. You definitely picked the right one for us and Dakota. He is wonderful! We are now trying to teach him to go up and down stairs so he does not need to sleep in a cage at night and he can sleep with Dakota."

"Thanks again for everything, he is a wonderful puppy. We love him very much and so does Dakota."

      -- Teghan

Kaesin left and Dakota right as Batman and Robin Update March 2005-- "Kaesin is doing very well. We just bought a house in TN and it has a huge backyard for the boys to play in. Kaesin loves the outdoors. He has a doggie door so he can come and go as he pleases. We put a bird feeder out there so he could chase the birds. He loves that. He is such a cuddler. I love it! He is sitting on my lap right now. In the mornings when my husband leaves for work, Kaesin jumps on the bed to cuddle next to me. He is such a sweetheart and full of personality. We celebrated his birthday a short time ago and he enjoyed all the attention. We took him to petsmart and he picked out a few toys and bones. He loves to play with toys that are his size or bigger and tear them apart. My husband also set up an easter egg hunt for them which consisted of the two boys finding treats spread around the room and then they had bones and toys also spread around. The two were so excited they didn't know what to do."

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