Ty and Kismet are full brother and sister. Their Mom is Bella and Dad is Taz. Kismet went to live with her new family and of course took over their house. Kismet is a lively, spirited little girl who believes she is Queen of the World! Her family seems to allow her to be this way too, itís a wonderful life she has going. Kismet has that goofy, high-drive personality of her Dad and her cuddly (when she wants to!) nature of her mother. After a year and a half another litter was born to Bella and Taz. In that litter was Teeny Tiny Ty, also known as Northmoor Black Magic Myth. Ty was very small and of course super adorable. Everyone loved him and he had that sweet adorable "love me" attitude. Ty soon became a part of my heart and I had every intention of keeping him. Although adorable he was not destine to be a show or breeding dog and oddly I was content with that. After many, many, many months of talking, Kismet's Mommy Marie talked me out of Ty. She promised to provide the most wonderful home for Ty just as she had for Kismet. In December of 2003, Ty went to live with Marie, her family and his sister Kismet. He is a happy, loved; well-adjusted little boy who loves to come back for visits often, although I donít think he digs the grooming part. He complains about his sister Kismet and says she is mean to him and sneaky but he really loves her and they play together often.

Ty as a baby

Ty as an adult

Kismet as a baby

Kismet as an adult

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