Bentley is a sweet little boy who again captured my heart. Bentley was a 3rd generation of Northmoor Poms and almost stayed. He was a sweet loving little guy who was totally devoted to me. I could see in him the traits of his mother, Harley, his father Bruin and his maternal Grandparents Bella and Taz.

Bentley's life however, was not meant to stay with Northmoor. He opted to go live with his new family when he was about 4 months old. It was a perfect match and he now has a new sister called Mercedes or Mercy for short.

Bentley received his name in a different way. According to his new Mom, Bentley's sister was named Mercedes and a little while after she was given the name; his human sister received a Mercedes as her car. Well if that could happen with little Mercedes....what would happen if they named their new little guy...BENTLEY??? Bentley is extremely loved and very spoiled which is the best for every dog!

UPDATE!!! Bentley and Mercy have a new little brother!!!! Bentley adopted his new little brother Mojo and couldnt be happier! He seems to love having another boy to rough-house with. Mojo's Dad is Bruin so in reality Bentley and Mojo are truly brothers! Mojo's pictures are below. Both boys very much resemble their Daddy Bruin!!


Baby Bentley-4 weeks                           Baby Bentley-4 months old


In the clean laundry basket!           Bentley and Mercy

Bentley and Mercy's Rose Garden (and now Mojo's too!)

Now what fun would eating be without an audience!

Miranda Bentley and Mojo

Bentley and his new brother Mojo

Mojo plays..Bentley and Mercy...on the couch like every dog should be!

Perhaps Mojo DOES have every toy in the world!

Left to Right--Mojo, Bentley and Mercy

The Wilderness Men! Mojo and his human Daddy.

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