Maizey: Maizey became part of the Northmoor dogs at 16 weeks of age. Maizey was sweet and adorable and just loved everyone and everything. Her favorite is her big sister Chloe the Samoyed. At the age of 2 it was supposed to be time to breed Maizey. During health testing it was determined her knees were not the quality we expect and thus she wouldn’t be used for breeding. Maizey however found a new home where she is very happy and doted upon. She now lives with the wonderful Boumeester family who are only a few minutes away. She comes back for baby-sitting and is obviously very happy with her new life. She is now a spayed and the much beloved Spoiled Princess that we always knew she was.

Sydney: Sydney joined Northmoor in September 2000. Her previous family couldn’t keep her due to family matters, and she had a lot of issues to overcome. It is thought that she was neglected and possibly abused. In just one week, Syd’s outlook on life drastically changed. After much work, Syd was finally housebroken at 3 years old. She is now lead trained, has learned to play with other dogs, and enjoys chewing on bones. It was intended that Sydney would always remain a spoiled pet at Northmoor, however, she apparently had other ideas. In February 2005, Maizey's family went on vacation leaving Maizey with us for babysitting. When they arrived home to pick up Maizey, Sydney fell in love with Mr. Boumeester, the father of the family. There was an instant bond like I have never seen. It was almost as if Sydney said "This is my family and I have to go now". With much sadness and many hours of crying, Sydney was allowed to "spend the night" with what would become her new family. That "spending of the night" has continued on and she has lived with them ever since. It is apparent that Sydney was waiting for the perfect forever home and with her house sister Maizey, what could be better. I am so lucky that she found just the right one and that I got to spend the time with her that I did. For that I will forever be grateful. Dogs put paw prints on our souls and she put a large paw print on mine.





Sydney Twirling, her favorite thing.

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